with Lauren Ashley

The 5-week intensive group program to manifest through PLAY!

What if you could manifest more easily while having more fUN?

You’ve probably landed here because you’ve been putting in a ton of work to get to your next level of success but you’re feeling exhausted.

Could I hold the mirror up for you for just one second?

You’re a high achiever who likely has a deeply rooted belief that working harder is the way to success.

I know, you've worked on undoing the hard work = success story... But still, you find yourself doing everything for the growth of your business/career. From waking up early to doing yoga, meditation and reading.

I get you.

>> You want to be the best at what you do and you have big things to manifest in this lifetime! <<
But GIRL, you take life way too seriously!

It’s not your fault, so take a deep breath with me.

You’ve been taught that to reach your goals, you have to follow a certain process.

This might look like...

  • Waking up at 5 or 6am to squeeze more hours and productivity into your day

  • Setting SMART goals
  • Taking on every project, opportunity or ask for help that comes your way
  • Organizing your finances in a strict way
  • Reciting inspiring affirmations you don’t truly believe or writing your desires over and over again until your hand cramps

Whatever strategy you’re focused on right now, it’s feeling stressful and your inner child is CRAVING play!

(PS. There’s nothing wrong with any of the strategies above… But let’s remember that manifestation and life in general is meant to be FUN.)

If you take a step back and really examine your life, you might notice that...
  • Everything has become a list

  • Most of your time is scheduled (you feel hella busy and overwhelmed)
  • You feel stressed about getting things done in a particular way by a specific time… 
  • Most of what you do is somehow related to your work/business and your personal growth/development
  • Even though you’re successful, you feel like life has lost it’s magic

We came here to learn and PLAY!

Now let me ask you….

What if you could manifest anything you desired by spending more time playing?

What would your life look and feel like? What would you DO?!

Can you envision yourself...
laughing endlessly,
tapping into the flow of creativity and inspiration just for fun,
feeling deeply satisfied with your life and stepping into your next level of ABUNDANCE?

It’s time to uplevel your manifestation game, RECEIVE with ease and ENJOY the life you've created!

Here’s what I know to be true…

There are many people out there teaching about manifestation.

Many tell you what to do, how to do it, and even suggest what you should be manifesting….

But manifestation was never meant to be complicated or a one-size fits all - you were born with the ability to manifest your desires with ease, in your own unique way!

And uh... Actually enjoy them.

To step into manifesting with ease, we need to:

1) Undo what we’ve been taught.

2) Step into the energy and frequency of PLAY! (Aka stop being so damn serious)

That’s why Unleash The Child Within was created….

This 5 week intensive group program is designed to help you undo patterns that no longer serve you and create more space in your life so you can manifest through FUN & PLAY.

This space is for you if…

  • You’re someone who’s ready to call in your desires with more ease, through the energy of fun and play
  • Your soul yearns to live your most inspired, courageous and bold life
  • You’re ready to receive more, enjoy everything you’ve worked for and step into your next level of manifestation
  • You’re tired of doing the same thing over and over with little results or feeling uninspired

It’s time to stop taking life so seriously and connect with the Universe through PLAY!


"Lauren was amazing to work with! She is very accommodating of others needs, wants, and desires. She is also amazing at asking the right questions that truly make you look at things in a different way than you were before. I love how she works with your energy, and she asks you what you need, instead of assuming that something will work for you! She has a very calming and grounding presence, which helps you feel like you can explore and discover more about yourself! With her and the knowledge that she’s given to me, I feel like I have developed new habits and ascended spiritually and in life!"

Hannah McKenna @littlebutfieerce 

What you can expect to walk away with:

  • A deeper connection with your inner child and how to nurture them through fun, curiosity and creativity
  • Clarity around what you need to let go of so you can step into your next level of manifestation
  • New tools to help you step into your divine manifestation power and receive more
  • Understand how to manifest through the energy of play

What you can expect from the space:

  • A place to make deep connections with yourself and others
  • Somewhere you can be your vulnerable and authentic self
  • Deep questions, growth and transformation

The spaces I create are warm and familiar, like coming home.


"At the end of December 2020, I left an incredibly stable job in Corporate to pursue Spiritual Entrepreneurship full-time. I was trying to build the foundation for my business to be my full-time source of income and within the first 3 months, I was confused and feeling very scattered. I didn't know what I wanted my business to be, look or feel like. Then, I joined The New Paradigm CEO Mastermind, where I gained practical knowledge around my Human Design and how my energy operates. Having a 4 line, as well as a Triple Split Definition, I now understand how important group settings are for me, especially in business! Connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs in the online space in such a deep and profound way means everything to me. I felt and still feel held, seen and understood by all of the members. The Mastermind also encouraged and allowed me to create more space for myself each day to feel grounded and centered. In doing so, I've been able to find clarity and feel a sense of calm in taking aligned action in my business. I've accomplished more than I EVER could've dreamed possible during such a short period of time. I went from not knowing what to do and receiving no income to consistently providing new offers/opportunities for myself and receiving for all of them. My business now has the most beautiful foundation and I know I can easily attract the abundance I desire through it. All thanks to the Mastermind!" 

Sara Putney @sara.putney www.saraputney.com

Lauren Ashley

Feminine Alignment Coach + Mindset Queen.

ACC Candidate with ICF

Hey Goddess!

I'm Lauren Ashley.

I’m THE Mindset Queen and a Feminine Alignment and Manifestation Coach.

I worked hard my entire life and started my career in the corporate world (which led me to major headaches and burnout).

When I started my business, my intention was to create freedom and fun, but I carried my work ethic and “work hard” mentality into it (obviously).

Not too long ago, I realized the business I created for myself was based on a 40+ hour work week and everything I was doing outside of "work" was ultimately somehow connected to my work... I finally decided I was tired of dedicating all of my time and energy to my business and reclaimed my relationship with my inner child!

For the past several months, I’ve been playing, creating, travelling, and STILL manifesting everything that I need and desire.

I knew logically that we create our world based on our beliefs… But this experiment of manifestation through play has shown me that it’s true. We can have everything we want and struggle by working hard for it, or we can have everything we want and enjoy it by having fun and creating our own rules!

I’ve been noticing how many people in the world truly suffer because of the responsibility they take on and the seriousness that they’ve made their lives to be.

We’ve forgotten how to deeply laugh, how to be silly, how to be curious, how to create without rules….

My deepest desire right now is to help others feel more joy and manifest easily through nurturing their inner child!

Are you ready to step into a new way of living your life?

What’s included in this 5-week program:

  • Weekly Group Calls

    Receive access to five 2-hour interactive group calls where you'll connect with your inner child, dive deep into your beliefs and learn how to manifest through play (your way)!

  • Reiki Healing 

    Receive a one-hour online reiki healing session and debrief to align your chakras, clear energetic blocks and balance your energy.

  • Coaching Call with Lauren

    Introspection is great and all, but the results come from taking inspired action... We want to see ROI! Receive one 1-hour 1:1 call with Lauren to master your mindset and manifestation abilities, break through limiting beliefs, implement aligned strategy, take inspired action and be held accountable.

  • Reflection Questions
    If there's anything I'm really good at, it's asking the right questions that help you gain deep insight into what's holding you back and what YOU need for you. Throughout the program you'll have the opportunity to reflect on questions designed to evoke clarity, awareness and growth.
  • Accountability
    You'll have access to a high vibe group vortex chat where we'll share wins, wisdom and lessons with one another! You'll also have the opportunity to connect with the other incredible souls in the space and be held accountable!

Investment: 6 monthly payments of $299


One payment of $1,777
(receive a bonus one-hour coaching call when you pay in full)

We begin the week of Nov 8th or 15th!

I like to meet my people where they're at and make my programs as accessible as possible while also honouring my energy. If you feel deeply called to this space but have hesitations around the investment, please send me a direct message on Instagram and we will work something out for you!


"I have personally dubbed Lauren, the Manifestation Queen - because she truly is. Lauren was instrumental and pivotal in my own manifestation journey because she helped me identify what wasn't "working" for me. ie. I kept trying to manifest things that weren't actually aligned with my energy. And with a few tweaks, I was able to manifest my goal in LEGIT 3 days -- no joke. My favourite part about Lauren though, is that she doesn't believe in "right or wrong" techniques or strategies. She's all about finding what aligns and feels good to YOU. I feel so safe talking to Lauren about my dreams and goals because there's never any judgement, only understanding. And all the support in the world. If you know you need some help in upleveling your manifestation game to finally break free from the chains of life that are holding you back, Lauren is your girl."

Carolina Vee - @authenticsoulsclub www.authenticsoulsclub.com

Why you need to be in this space now (and not later):

We all have downs and we all get stuck, but the longer you stay in resistance, doing things you have no desire to do, the further you get from manifesting your desired reality.

Listen love, your time here is limited and it’s time to live the life you’ve been desiring to live right now. You don't need to wait until you're more established, until you've made x amount of dollars in a month, until you feel 100% ready (we never feel 100% ready)... You can start creating the life you desire to be living right now.

If there's anything I've learned on my journey of personal growth and development, it's that integration and implementation takes time. The sooner you get started, the better (but this is coming from a Manifesting Generator with a Sacral Authority (Human Design)! I encourage you to follow your own inner authority to help you decide if now is your time. If you need support in understanding how to tap into your inner authority, send me a message on Instagram!

If you're ready to overcome obstacles quickly and intentionally so that you move into oyur next level with ease, this is the place for you to hang out. 

My programs are not about taking small steps to get to where you want to be. This space is about going to the uncomfortable places together so you can QUANTUM leap.

And finally, I run my programs based on what I have energy and inspiration for. I truly do not know the next time I will open this space.

Lauren Ashley

Feminine Alignment Coach + Mindset Queen.

ACC with ICF

A note from Lauren...

Hey gorgeous!

If you’ve arrived here, you’re probably looking for a sign that this is right for you. You might be wondering if you can truly have what you desire while having more fun. I hear you. I had my doubts too. The thing is, how will you know if you don’t try?

I’ve seen the results of my work time and time again on clients and students. I know that if you believe in yourself and commit, you can achieve the results you’re looking for. Because you are no different than me.... We are all born the same. We are all equal.

The truth is that you can be, do and have anything and everything that you desire. There is no reason that you of all people can’t.

The difference between those who have what they want and those who don’t… Is that those who have what they want decide they’re going to change their lives, commit to the journey and get support.

They don’t give up when they fail because they know that failure is part of the process to mastery.

Girl, you have 2 options....

Option 1: You can stay stuck where you are… Continuing to try the same things that haven’t been working, investing in all the products and strategies with little to no results…


Option 2: You can try something new. Take a chance on yourself. Believe in yourself. Decide that you can be, have and do anything you want. You can take the leap, and change your life.

What will it be?

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