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Hey beautiful,

I’m Lauren Ashley, Intuitive Business Coach (ICF certified) also known as the Mindset and Manifestation queen.

I help out-of-the-box women around the world (like you) make more money in a way that lights them the fluck up (using intuitive strategy)

My job is to help you build a life and business you're absolutely in love with and make more money doing what you love to do through my Aligned, Magnetic & Profitable™ framework.

My specialty is to remove the obstacles holding you back, and to make what feels impossible, possible.

When I first started my business, I struggled for YEARS trying to figure out how to be successful.

I tried tool after tool to help me build a business that actually made money - from structuring my day using productivity hacks, to showing up and selling online using from-the-book strategies, but nothing felt right.

I watched my peers succeed as I kept hitting roadblock after roadblock, wondering when I would finally feel good in my business and hit my income goals.

After searching everywhere for answers and implementing everyone else's advice to build a business and have impact in the world, I realized that I was headed down a path of burnoutdissatisfaction and being someone I didn’t want to be.

That's when I realized, intuition is the key to building an Aligned, Magnetic and Profitable Brand.

It's time to stop following everyone else's advice and ideas and start making more intuitive decisions!

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