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I teach a lot on following your intuition to create your dream life and business... 

But what happens when people disagree and make it really difficult for you to stay true to your alignment?

And how does it affect you as an entrepreneur when it feels like your life is falling apart WHILE you're trying to grow a business you LOVE?

Manifestation is NOT just about making your dreams a reality…

It’s also about learning to navigate the trenches when life takes a turn, so you can integrate the lessons and be the best version of you.

For the ones who feel like the black sheep... Who don't fit in a box... Who have BIG dreams but fear they're too out of reach... And for the ones who are ready to reclaim their power in 2024.


To create a life and business YOU are IN LOVE with.... YOUR way.

Join the Podcast Party of the YEAR for a chance to win  over $8,000   in programs and services to help you create a life and business you're IN LOVE with (by being your most authentic self)!

Join the party for a chance to win over $8k in programs and services...

To help you create a life and business you LOVE!
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What They're Saying...

Are you still trying to fit your unique, beautiful, wildly creative, loving and free self inside of the entrepreneurial box?

Maybe you’re…

  • Still forcing strategies that you don’t feel 100% about but still do them because you’ve been told that they work.
  • Chasing goals you're not even sure you want or care about...
  • Looking at what everyone else is doing, wondering how they got successful... And think they all have something that you don't.
  • Feel like a complete failure but keep going because something tells you that you were born for this.
  • Listening to what your coach, therapist, boss, mentor, or parents say... Over what YOU want and what you feel is best for you.
  • Realizing it's time to stop criticizing and judging yourself... So you can be free to live your life how you want.
  • Ready to discover what makes you a magnet for exactly what you desire.
  • Needing a push to help you step into your power and create exactly what you came here to create.

Join the Aligned & Magnetic Podcast Launch Party to get FIRST access to episodes AND over $8,000 in programs, coaching and services when you enter the giveaway!

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