New Paradigm 


The Mastermind

with Lauren Ashley

New Paradigm CEO

The Mastermind

With Lauren Ashley

You’ve landed here because you’re a spiritual badass entrepreneur. You have a massive impact to make on this earth...

But let’s be honest.

The marketing strategies you've been taught seem like they’ve been past down for years by an old boys club.

They feel forceful and inauthentic, with a coating of dust on the top.

They just don’t feel.... RIGHT.

And there’s a REASON for that. These strategies that you’re trying to show up for are not authentic to YOU and YOUR energy!

This is the New Paradigm baby. It’s all about authenticity, divine feminine energy, alignment and doing things YOUR way.

Are you ready to be a New Paradigm CEO?

“So like… What do you mean by new paradigm anyway, Lauren?”

Let me paint the picture for you.

The new paradigm is NOT about:

  • Stressing over sales
  • Creating or doing shit you think you have to do in order to “make it” in business 
  • Overworking yourself at the expense of your health
  • Being a slave to your business to make ends meet
  • Looking to other people for the answers you can find within
  • Putting yourself in a box
  • Stuffing down your emotions and negative energy to try to stay positive
  • Getting sick during every single launch or high-stress time

The new paradigm IS about:

  • Tapping into your intuition and trusting in yourself
  • Leveraging your energy (doing less but creating more impact)
  • Having FUN in your business and enjoying the fruits of your labour
  • Aligning your energy and being your beautiful, magnetic, authentic self
  • Working with God/the Universe to co-create the business and life of your dreams
  • Looking at your wounds, sitting with your emotions, and growing from them
  • Taking the path of least resistance
  • Finding and using systems and strategies that feel good to you and support your bigger vision
  • Knowing your energy cycles and working WITH them rather than against them
  • And obviously making the cheddar (aka cash money) in an aligned and heart centred way

Calling all women who have big business dreams!

You’re Not a Noob...

This is a space for women who have been around the business block.

You’ve invested in your business before, you’ve put some strategies in place, you've seen some successes, but you’re still not getting the results you desire.

And you KNOW you're capable of way more.

You’re ready to uplevel in abundance. You’re calling in sustainability.

But you want it with more ease and grace...

I believe that YOU have the answers within you.

Being a New Paradigm CEO is about connecting deep within you to find the answers you need to help you move forward in a big way.

It’s about trusting in yourself and expressing yourself in the way you were always meant to.

The intention behind this Mastermind is to help pull those answers out and create a strategy that feels as unique and beautiful as you are!

I get you.

>> This path of running a spiritual, heart-centred business in a way that YOU love can be a lonely road <<

You're tired and frankly pretty bored of...

>> Cold messaging.⁠
>> Niching.
>> Pre-writing and scheduling your content.⁠
>> Forcing the content writing process, feeling pressured to put something out there.⁠
>> Structuring your content to 'sell'.⁠
>> Affirmations that feel phoney.⁠
>> Chasing 10k and 20k months because that’s what everyone else is talking about (but it feels hard af).
>> Selling in a way that feels gross (but someone told you it works).⁠
>> Committing to projects that make you frustrated.⁠
>> Working with clients who don't respect your boundaries.⁠
>> FUNNELS (with like very embellished content).⁠
>> Tripwires and courses and launch strategies oh my.⁠
>> Putting all of your energy into a launch that ends up being a flop.
>> PRICING omg.⁠

The truth is... You don't have to do any of this if you don't want to.

Are you ready to be part of a small network of women shedding the “shoulds” and stepping into their manifesting power as the CEO’s of their businesses?

This space is about connection and contribution. It’s about manifestation and alignment. 

It’s about learning from each other, overcoming our own obstacles and expanding our frequency and ability to receive, in a safe space.


"Working with Lauren has been life changing! Every single time I have been on a call with her, I have experienced some sort of breakthrough or moved through some block that had been preventing me from moving forward in my business. One of the most memorable breakthroughs was when we dove into my sales process. I had been experiencing some failed launches, and feeling like every time I went to launch it would just drain my energy (as an introvert, my energy is super precious to me). Lauren asked some really deep, thought provoking questions that had me totally re-analyze the way I was doing sales. What we discovered was that I had been leaning into my former corporate "do do do" self, that masculine energy, and was completely forgetting to balance it with my feminine side. She gave me some really great advice on how to incorporate my feminine energy more into sales, and guess what? My very next launch I SOLD OUT! Even with systems and tech failures, I had the tools to use my intuition and reach out to people I thought would be ready for my offer, and I was right because each one of those ladies signed on. Not only that, I preserved my energy and actually felt motivated and energized going into the program. So if you are wondering if Lauren is truly the person to help you, then I can unequivocally say YES!! And because I believe so strongly in her, I urge you to connect with me if you want to hear more about what it's like to experience transformational change through her coaching"

Robyn MacNeill Sustainable Business Coach www.robynmacneill.com

This is a Mastermind unlike all other Masterminds…

This is a space where you will...

  • Learn to find the answers within you
  • Learn to work with God/the Universe and surrender so you can focus on what lights you up
  • Discover what aligned strategy means to YOU
  • Understand your energy and alignment and know how to make aligned decisions in your business
  • Tap into the wisdom and energy of all of the women in this space
  • Learn how to couple manifestation with business strategy in a way that works for you!
But wanna know the biggest difference?

I am not showing up as the answer provider. As the teacher. The all-knowing business coach with the perfect strategies and secrets. I don’t have secrets and I certainly don’t have your answers!

But I know how to help you find them.

And I can tell you that this is a much more powerful way of working than getting told how to do things. But you already know that don’t you? ;)

The truth is….

You were born great.

You were born perfect.

You were born capable.

You were born motivated.

You were born determined.

You were born wise.

You were born with access to all of the answers.

Are you ready to run a sustainable intuitive business?

Lauren Ashley

Feminine Alignment Coach + Mindset Queen.

ACC Candidate with ICF

Hey Goddess!

I'm Lauren Ashley.

I’m THE Mindset Queen and a Feminine Alignment and Manifestation Coach.

Not too long ago, I was building my business as a health coach and I was struggling.

It took me a really long time to see real results in my business.

I was following everyone else’s strategies and advice but nothing seemed to be working for me.

I mean sure, I had some results… But I was far from being fully booked and even further from having a sustainable income.

I ended up investing a ton of money and time into things that ultimately lead me astray.

As I started looking into my personality and Human Design a little more, I realized what the missing link was.

Everyone’s advice that I was following had a different energy than I did. They were able to be consistent, focus, rely heavily on their masculine energy to take inspired action, had a ton of willpower to motivate them.

I later learned that my energy was inconsistent, scattered, very feminine, and could not rely on willpower alone to get me through my projects.

When I learned this, I thought I was doomed

The business industry tells you that you need to be consistent, focussed, action-oriented and that you need willpower and discipline.

How the eff was I going to survive in the business arena when I was the complete opposite to what they told me I had to be?

That’s when I decided to ditch the mainstream business strategies and start doing things my own way. And I haven’t looked back since.

Join me and a community of abundant-minded boss babes in the New Paradigm CEO Mastermind!


What’s included in this 12-month Mastermind:

  • An Intention Setting Questionnaire

    We'll set the intention of your time in this space right at the start to make sure you get out of this space exactly what you need.

    Group Mastermind Calls

    Join us bi-weekly for 90 minute calls where you'll feel nurtured by your support system, have the opportunity to reflect on your experience, share your journey and receive wisdom and insight from the other talented women in this space so you can up-level more quickly. 

  • Reflection Topics
    Each of our Mastermind calls will have a topic with reflection questions to help you reflect and bring awareness to how you operate as a CEO and step into how you DESIRE to be. The intention through this process is to help you connect with your intuition, trust in yourself and embody your divine feminine magnetism.
  • Monthly Coaching Calls with Lauren
    I LOVE group calls but 1:1 calls are equally important so that we can customize this experience to YOU and YOUR business! We can use our time together to help you step into greater alignment and manifest more easily!
  • Weekly Connections
    Connect weekly with one woman from our space to support you on your journey, learn from one another and be held accountable.
  • Mastermind Vortex Chat
    You'll have access to a high vibe vortex chat where we'll share weekly wins, wisdom and lessons with one another!
  • Customized trainings
    I have some ideas for trainings and modules, but I'll create content specific to this space based on what I'm hearing on our calls so that it's customized to what we're working on as a collective and not just another training that may or may not support you!
  • Access to the Becoming Magnetic Retreat
    Join me in the beautiful jungle of the Riviera Maya, Mexico for 5-days of healing and connection! The perfect environment to change up your context so you can learn how to let go, BE in nature (and with others), and be authentically, magnetically you.


  • New Moon Intention Setting Group Call on March 12th (register before March 8th)
  • A human design reading customized to you and your business.

Investment: $15k
(flexible interest-free payment plans available)

If this Mastermind is a HELL YES for you, let's figure out a financial investment that feels like a natural (and slightly uncomfortable) next step!


"I have personally dubbed Lauren, the Manifestation Queen - because she truly is. Lauren was instrumental and pivotal in my own manifestation journey because she helped me identify what wasn't "working" for me. ie. I kept trying to manifest things that weren't actually aligned with my energy. And with a few tweaks, I was able to manifest my goal in LEGIT 3 days -- no joke. My favourite part about Lauren though, is that she doesn't believe in "right or wrong" techniques or strategies. She's all about finding what aligns and feels good to YOU. I feel so safe talking to Lauren about my dreams and goals because there's never any judgement, only understanding. And all the support in the world. If you know you need some help in upleveling your manifestation game to finally break free from the chains of life that are holding you back, Lauren is your girl."

Carolina Vee Human Design Connection Coach www.authenticsoulsclub.com


“If I've learned one thing from Lauren... it's that the key to tapping into intuition and moving through challenging blocks with grace is not always having the right answers, but asking the right questions. Lauren knows what questions to ask to get you to really tap into your own power to facilitate an intuitive decision making process. Tapping into my human design opened the door for me to start taking my business vision seriously by acting in alignment with my Divine design. Acting in alignment with everything I've learned about myself has translated across all areas of my life as well: I quit my soul sucking job and made peace in some frustrating relationships, and am attracting more aligned opportunities and people into my life! I've come so far and had so many wins, I can't wait to see what I'll manifest next!”

Sophia Webster - Holistic Health Coach @sophiaroseholistic

Lauren Ashley

Feminine Alignment Coach + Mindset Queen.

Associate Certified Coach with ICF, Reiki Healer + BA honours Psychology

A note from Lauren...

Hey gorgeous!

If you’ve arrived here, you’re probably looking for a sign that this is right for you. You might be wondering if this can really happen for you. I hear you. I had my doubts too. The thing is, how will you know if you don’t try?

I’ve seen the results of my work time and time again on clients and students. I know that if you believe in yourself and commit, you can achieve the results you’re looking for. Because you are no different than me.... We are all born the same. We are all equal.

The truth is that you can be, do and have anything and everything that you desire. There is no reason that you of all people can’t.

The difference between those who have what they want and those who don’t… Is that those who have what they want decide they’re going to change their lives, commit to the journey and get support.

They don’t give up when they fail because they know that failure is part of the process to mastery.

Girl, you have 2 options....

Option 1: You can stay stuck where you are… Continuing to try the same things that haven’t been working, investing in all the products and strategies with little to no results…


Option 2: Tap into You can try something new. Take a chance on yourself. Believe in yourself. Decide that you can be, have and do anything you want. You can take the leap, and change your life.

What will it be?

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