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with Lauren Ashley

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Babe, let’s be honest…

The marketing strategies that you learned seem like they’ve been past down for years by an old boys club.

They feel forceful and inauthentic with a coating of dust on the top.

They just don’t feel.... RIGHT

And there’s a REASON for that. These strategies that you’re trying to show up for are not authentic to YOU and YOUR energy!

This is the New Paradigm baby. It’s all about authenticity, divine feminine energy, alignment and showing up as a leader (stick around and I’ll show you how).

Are you ready to be a New Paradigm CEO?

Applications are opening soon!
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"I have personally dubbed Lauren, the Manifestation Queen - because she truly is. Lauren was instrumental and pivotal in my own manifestation journey because she helped me identify what wasn't "working" for me. ie. I kept trying to manifest things that weren't actually aligned with my energy. And with a few tweaks, I was able to manifest my goal in LEGIT 3 days -- no joke. My favourite part about Lauren though, is that she doesn't believe in "right or wrong" techniques or strategies. She's all about finding what aligns and feels good to YOU. I feel so safe talking to Lauren about my dreams and goals because there's never any judgement, only understanding. And all the support in the world. If you know you need some help in upleveling your manifestation game to finally break free from the chains of life that are holding you back, Lauren is your girl."

Carolina Vee Confidence & Life Purpose Coach www.carolinavee.com


“Lauren really helped me work through whether or not to pull the trigger on jumping into a certification program.  She didn’t tell me what to do, but guided me through my fears and questions.  Forever grateful! It was so worth it!!  Lauren has a way of getting me to answer my own questions or have those AHA moments. I appreciated Lauren’s patience. I always felt safe sharing my vulnerabilities, I never felt judged.It was a safe space for me and I honestly have found a purpose and a little more self worth.” - 

Marie Eveland Aroma Freedom Practitioner & Mindset Coach www.marie-eveland.com

Lauren Ashley

Business Alignment Coach
Mindset + Manifestation Queen.

ACC with ICF

Hey gorgeous!

I'm Lauren! I call myself a business alignment coach and have been dubbed the mindset and manifestation queen by my clients. I combine spirituality and business to help ambitious and intuitive women around the world to shift out of old patterns and beliefs and step into their unique alignment so they can co-create a life and business that inspires them.

I always struggled with systems and processes that felt aligned for me. When I embarked on my business journey, I ended up down a path that burnt me out BIG time and made me feel frustrated (like I kinda wanted to give up). I realized this path didn’t feel right to me and it was because I was putting myself into an entrepreneurial box, trying to replicate what everyone else was doing for success. Once I discovered what true alignment meant for me, I started manifesting my desires with ease. Now, I make my own rules in business and create whatever the f*#& feels exciting to me, while feeling good in the process.

It is now my mission to help other women let go of the pressure, force and control and step into divine alignment and surrender so they can manifest their dreams with absolute ease.

Of course, I do this all from the Riviera Maya, Mexico, where I live in the most perfect place with my wife, our fur children and spend my spare time at the beach and in the kitchen creating #foodporn.

Applications are opening soon!
Sign up for the waitlist below AND $555 off!

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