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Hey Queen!

I’m so glad that you’re here and ready to work on your money mindset to help you sell with more ease and confidence!

In case you’re new to my world... I’m Lauren Ashley, Intuitive Business Coach (certified by International Coaching Federation), Money Mindset and Manifestation Queen. I help intuitive entrepreneurs create a life and business they LOVE through my Aligned, Magnetic & Profitable business framework.

If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that sales works best when you can detach yourself from the outcome. Meaning, you’re not pressured to make a sale or desperate to earn money.

I remember when I first started coaching... I felt so much pressure to sell and make money.

At that time... I was having conversations with and booking potential clients into my calendar to talk about working together but wasn’t able to convert any of them into actual paying clients. Because I was speaking to the disempowered version of my client, was too attached to the outcome, and I didn’t know how to have authentic and ethical sales conversations (that actually worked)...  And a lot of it was actually stemming from my money mindset!

But after hearing the same objection over and over, I started to believe no one wanted to pay me lol.

What I realize now is that I was completely strangling my desire with the pressure I felt to sell. I also had a lot of limiting beliefs about money that I projected onto my future clients. Instead of being open and curious, I was frustrated and closed off to possibility.

I got so frustrated that I almost quit my business.

Fast-track 3 years and I started converting 80% of my sales calls. For real... 9/10 people who come to me say yes to working with me (whether it’s right away or in the near future).

I’m sure you can imagine how life changing this was for my business. I went from making $1,000/month in my business to $4,000+, then made my first $10k cash month shortly after. Since then, I’ve sold over $200,000 in coaching and programs.

Okay but like Lauren, how tf did you go from frustrated and wanting to quit to selling over $200,000? Great question.

And trust me when I say it did NOT happen overnight. This workbook is only the beginning.

When you do the work in this book, it will completely change the way you think about money, help you see where you’re blocking yourself and help you sell with less pressure...