Here's what might be true about you...
  • You're not new to this business world. You've been around the block and have a grasp of marketing strategies.
  • You're not about that 9-grind lifestyle but somehow your work has taken over your life.
  • You’re tired of creating from an empty cup and feeling scattered AF. You know you need a system that’s easy and feels good to you! 
  • You’re ready to step into your next level and receive more while doing less (cause bish you KNOW part of life is to ENJOY)!
  • You even have an idea of what it will truly take to get there… But you’re not willing to continue overworking and overcomplicating everything, while sacrificing your sanity or your TIME to get there…

You know that to get to your next level you have to step into a new way of BEING and thinking.

I can help you manifest the life and business of your dreams through alignment FIRST. That's how I make business easy and profitable 😉

It’s not just about the money… It’s about:

  • Spending quality time with your partner and loved ones
  • Your clients’ success (and creating a bigger impact)
  • Your health, happiness and quality of life! You're not here to work to live, you're here to LIVE to work!
  • Staying true to YOU (and doing work that lights you up)!
  • Feeling safe and fully supported by money

Ready to make your business simple, fun and profitable (without the overwhelm)?

Book a 30-minute connection call to try on my coaching style and see if we're a good fit to work together!

What you could be saying in 6 months when you work with Lauren....

I have a booked out 1:1 program and just raised my rates!

“I just finished working 1:1 with Lauren and I have to say this work has literally changed my life. Coaching with Lauren helped me get in touch with MY values and what is in alignment for me (including knowing when I’m off track - aka feeling bitter as a Projector). Lauren was able to hold space for me in a loving and accountable way.

Lauren's energy helped me complete MY energy - her questions prompted a domino effect and the answers I had been looking for for weeks would pour out in our sessions. We were able to create a business for myself, which started out as a hobby. I have a booked out 1:1 program and just raised my rates! I don’t know what I would be doing otherwise.

Lauren helped me to stop looking externally for answers and start looking internally to find the right answers for ME.

Since working with Lauren, I was able to manifest 7 ideal and aligned PAYING clients, the courage and audacity to tell my story even when it felt like no one was listening, a network of Queer friends that are in business and supporting one another and I’ve raised my rates.

I’ve learned how to trust the Universe and surrender, shifted into an abundance mentality. I could go on and on. If you’re on the fence about working with Lauren, trust your intuition and ask yourself ‘what if it all worked out for you? Why not you?’ you deserve to have stuff work out for you!”

Jenna Slaughter

Heart-Forward Business Coach // @itsjennaslaughter

Hey Queen!


  • Have systems in your business that are aligned to your values and energy, so that you can make more sales with ease and heart
  • Feel so confident in your truth and know how to create magnetizing content, so you can manifest results and aligned opportunities in a way that lights you the fluck up!
  • Step into your next level in business with ease and support (say goodbye to drama and emotional rollercoasters)!
  • Have the confidence to follow your intuition, do things YOUR way, so you can stop wasting time trying shit that doesn't work and focus on making your biz dreams a reality!
  • Have a better relationship with the Universe/ your God so you can co-create with way less stress and know how to shift into abundance!
  • Have a clear understanding of your unique cycles, energy and rhythms, so that you can be in YOUR authentic business flow.
Your 12-month 1:1 Business Coaching Partnership includes...
  • 2-hour intensive to kickstart our time together and help you make bigger moves asap
  • Business Foundations Assessment to dive deep into your values, goals and vision to help you reach your goals asap. 
  • Bi-weekly 1-hour coaching calls w/Lauren (24 calls total). This is the space where we make the big breakthroughs happen 😉
  • Unlimited support in between calls. Your business doesn't stop running when we're not coaching... I'm here for the ups and the downs, the challenges and the successes. You can message me on Telegram whenever you need me! I like to build close relationships with my clients. It's called a partnership, look it up 😉
  • Access to program portal + any live programs delivered during time together
Your Investment: 

One payment of $12,999 or Monthly payments of $1,111
Imagine turning $35.61 a day into your desired monthly income!

What you could be saying in 6 months when you work with Lauren....

Working with Lauren has been life changing!

"Every single time I have been on a call with her, I have experienced some sort of breakthrough or moved through some block that had been preventing me from moving forward in my business.

One of the most memorable breakthroughs was ... when we discovered was that I had been leaning into my former corporate "do do do" self, that masculine energy, and was completely forgetting to balance it with my feminine side. She gave me some really great advice on how to incorporate my feminine energy more into sales, and guess what? My very next launch I SOLD OUT! Even with systems and tech failures, I had the tools to use my intuition and reach out to people I thought would be ready for my offer, and I was right because each one of those ladies signed on. Not only that, I preserved my energy and actually felt motivated and energized going into the program.

So if you are wondering if Lauren is truly the person to help you, then I can unequivocally say YES!! And because I believe so strongly in her, I urge you to connect with me if you want to hear more about what it's like to experience transformational change through her coaching".

Robyn MacNeill

Coaching Business Mentor // @robyn.macneill

Lauren is the real deal!

"Honestly, I think of doing this all the time, but for someone that talks a lot, I felt challenged to put this testimonial together. I suppose it's because Lauren is such an incredible coach and I wanted to write something that would do justice to her work--without sounding cheesy or too much like fluff--but seriously, Lauren Ashley is the coach and mentor you've been looking for.

One of the things I most enjoyed about working with Lauren was her ability to put me at ease. I never felt judged by her as we were working through my (limiting) belief systems, and I never felt that Lauren thought she knew better than me either. Our working together felt more collaborative and at a peer level, rather than just a coach and a client.

Lauren is wise and knowledgeable yet is adept at helping guide me towards my answers (and not hers). If I needed advice, she was there to help me pull out the intuitive answers from within. She has the ability to ask powerful questions that just sort of wake me up from believing things must be one way or the other, but rather, an opportunity to tap into my own limitless possibilities.

I can't say this about all coaches I've experienced in the past; however, Lauren is the real deal. She's amazing! Thank you, Lauren!"

Christina DiStefano

Artist & Host of Mindset to Manfiestation Podcast // @xochristinadistefano

Hey beautiful soul!

I'm Lauren Ashley, ACC with the International Coach Federation, Aligned Business Coach, Host of the Aligned & Magnetic Podcast, and THE Money Mindset and Manifestation Queen.

Whew.... Now that the 'titles' are out of the way...

If there is one thing I'm really good at (and have been told several times by my clients), it's helping entrepreneurs make more money in a way that feels good to them.

I've been in the marketing industry for over 9 years and a full-time entrepreneur for over 5 years. I KNOW what it takes to build an authentic brand that makes real cash money (like the kind you can travel and support yourself with).

But I didn't start out successful...


In 2018, I quit my well-paying 9-5 job and moved to Mexico with no plan other than to build my dream online business that gave me the freedom to travel.

At first, I followed all of the advice and did everything I was supposed to do to build my business with little results to show for it.

It wasn’t until I threw strategy in the trash and followed my own flow that I actually saw real results, booked out my programshit 13k+ months and replaced my 9-5 income.

I went from earning $1,000/month to making $5-$8k/month!

Since then, I've been helping my clients become more visible on social media using strategies that align to them and feel authentic AF so they can make more money in their business.

But my goal isn't to help you create a replica of my business or results.... My mission is to help YOU create the dream life and business that YOU desire. 

Are we meant to work together in my 1:1 Coaching Partnership?

Ready to create the life & biz of your dreams?