Aligned, Magnetic and Profitable™ Business Framework

The Aligned, Magnetic and Profitable™ Business Framework was developed by Lauren Ashley (Business Alignment Coach, ACC) after years of studying business and marketing strategies, working with business coaches, observing others, experimenting herself and helping her clients do business THEIR way.

Aligned, Magnetic and Profitable™ is a process designed to help you:

  • Build an Aligned Brand that encourages you to be your authentic self.
  • Create Magnetic Messaging so you can attract Soulmate clients, in a way that honours your unique energy cycles.
  • Make more money doing what you actually love #Profitable.

Most entrepreneurs are conditioned from the corporate world to push through exhaustion and mass produce, so when they become a business owner they burn out because they approach their business the same way.

But what if you could honour your energy AND make money at the same time?

After working with several clients and experiencing business coaching herself, Lauren realized that a huge gap in the industry of Business Coaching is clients actually being HEARD.

"Business coaches typically aren't equipped with true Coaching Skills (per the International
Coach Federation), so they have no idea how to actually coach ethically (because contrary to popular belief, coaching is not teaching). This leads to clients leaving coaching contracts confused as to how they ended up where they are. If business coaches spent more time asking questions and less time filling space with their expertise, their clients would see lasting results." - Lauren Ashley

In the Aligned, Magnetic and Profitable™ Business Framework, Lauren combines tools and concepts from Feminine Leadership, Mindset, Manifestation, Human Design, NLP and energy work with basic Business Strategy. Using a Coach Approach, Lauren guides her clients through a process to help them connect with themselves, their intuition and their natural cycles so they can build an Aligned, Magnetic and Profitable™ Business that lasts for them.

"In true coaching, we look at the person as a whole. Not just their career, business, relationship or health (depending on which industry of coaching you're in)." - Lauren Ashley

Let's break down the Aligned, Magnetic and Profitable™ Business Framework:


  1. 1
    Clarity and awareness: Let go of your mom’s dream for you and get clear on who YOU are and what YOU want for your life and business so you waste less time building something you won’t end up happy with. 
  2. 2
    Intuition and co-creation: Stop doing what you think you “should” do and learn to follow your intuition and inner guidance so you can co-create with the Universe while you build your dream life and business YOUR way.
  3. 3
    Aligned offers: Create an aligned offer that you truly, deeply want to help people with. Some people refer to this as your ‘calling’


  1. 1
    Set your new standard: You get to choose how business goes for you. Master your mindset and clear old patterns so you can lead with confidence and attract more of what you want (and less of what you don’t want)
  2. 2
    Master your message and brand: Learn to speak your prospect’s language and develop a clear message so you can hear less crickets and more ‘I’M READY’’s from your soulmate clients
  3. 3
    Be the Queen who has it all: Your products and services won't sell themselves... Create a confident online presence, show up consistently (in a way that works for you) and take action as if it’s already done (cause it is). 


  1. 1
    Refine and optimize: Nail your offers, messaging and strategies so you can rinse and repeat
  2. 2
    Supportive systems: When your programs are full, how are you going to continue promoting yourself while you're supporting your clients? This is where we implement systems that can sell FOR you and make it easier for you to show up on the front end of your business WHILE you support your clients on the backend (so you don't have to worry about where your next client will come from). Systems also help you to hire support and expand your team!
  3. 3
    Break your own glass ceiling: raise your standards, your rates, and your impact so you can get out there in a bigger way!

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