More fulfillment. More fun. More love. More joy. More abundance.

And you KNOW you weren’t meant to be chained to your desk and devices along the way.

  • 9-5? Not interested.
  • Working 24/7 in your business instead? Rather not.


  • Doing work you LOVE
  • Having freedom and flexibility
  • Filling your bank account
AND doing it with ease?
Oh baby, SAY LESS
You want to build your dream business and run it in a way that feels good to YOU.

You’re invited to join...

The Aligned & Magnetic Business


A 12-month intimate group coaching program for intuitive entrepreneurs who want to create magical results in their business with EASE.
The Aligned & Magnetic Business


was created for the woman who:
attracting soulmate clients
  • Knows she's meant for more and is ready to get out of her own way
  • Is used to accomplishing her goals on her own and is ready for a supportive community she can rely on to help her reach new levels
  • Will not settle for anything less than what she wants
  • Is ready to do what it takes to make her dream a reality (with ease of course)


Listen, building a business alone is not the vibe.

And TBH I don’t know of any successful business owner who didn’t have mentors and a community to remind them of how powerful they truly are.

Girl, it is time to stop flying under the radar and show the world what you really got!
When you join the Accelerator, you get…
  • Twice monthly group coaching calls with Lauren Ashley
    (Value $6,000)
  • Monthly Abundance Co-Working Sessions to stay accountable to your finances, make money talk a norm and learn how to open to receive more money in your business!
    (Value $600)
  • A private community of like-minded entrepreneurs building heart-centred businesses (includes a place for peer feedback on your content and creations, a safe space to take your CEO mask off and feel supported in your vulnerability, mindset helps, tech questions, and much more)
    (Value $1,200)
  • Access to the Aligned & Magnetic Business Accelerator Modules
    (Value $1,997)
  • Access to Lauren's Library with Mindset, Manifestation & Business lessons (over 25 hours of binge-worthy video trainings) to help you build an Aligned, Magnetic & Profitable™ Business
    (Value $2,000)
  • Access to meditations and journaling prompts to help you connect to your higher self and create from a place of ease
    (Value $600)
Total Value $12,397

Click below to get your special rate!

JennA Slaughter

I have a booked out 1:1 program and just raised my rates!

“I just finished working 1:1 with Lauren and I have to say this work has literally changed my life. Coaching with Lauren helped me get in touch with MY values and what is in alignment for me (including knowing when I’m off track - aka feeling bitter as a Projector). Lauren was able to hold space for me in a loving and accountable way.

Lauren's energy helped me complete MY energy - her questions prompted a domino effect and the answers I had been looking for for weeks would pour out in our sessions. We were able to create a business for myself, which started out as a hobby. I have a booked out 1:1 program and just raised my rates! I don’t know what I would be doing otherwise.

Lauren helped me to stop looking externally for answers and start looking internally to find the right answers for ME.

Since working with Lauren, I was able to manifest 7 ideal and aligned PAYING clients, the courage and audacity to tell my story even when it felt like no one was listening, a network of Queer friends that are in business and supporting one another and I’ve raised my rates.

I’ve learned how to trust the Universe and surrender, shifted into an abundance mentality. I could go on and on. If you’re on the fence about working with Lauren, trust your intuition and ask yourself ‘what if it all worked out for you? Why not you?’ you deserve to have stuff work out for you!”

Heart-Forward Business Coach / @itsjennaslaughter

When you join the Accelerator, you will....
Say goodbye to:
  • Holding yourself back from creating your dream life and business
  • Shelving what you really want to do for years down the road
  • Worrying about where your next sale will come from
  • Spending days and late nights at your desk grinding it out
  • Self-doubt and late nights not sleeping searching for new strategies you can try to get the results you desire
  • Doing things on your own, spinning your wheels and wondering wtf is not working
So you can say hello to:
  • Showing up as your next level self to build success on YOUR terms (with ease)
  • More payment received notifications from clients who LOVE to pay you (with ease)
  • More DMs from soulmate clients ready to work with you (with ease)
  • Spending more time doing things you LOVE (in your biz AND outside of your biz).... (with ease)
  • Confidence in yourself to run your show, YOUR way.
  • A calendar full of soulmate clients that you’re excited to show up for!
  • A supportive community that provides you with feedback to help you grow as a person, service provider AND leader.
The intuitive plan, the aligned systems and the support to turn your business dreams into a reality (with ease).
What you can expect to learn:
  • Business Basics: What you need to know and do as a business owner to make money doing what you love. From here you'll be able to customize your strategy and follow your intuitive nudges to build a business that's Aligned (to you), Magnetic (to your clients), and Profitable™ (to your bank account).
  • Magnetizing Messaging: Learn to speak your soulmate clients language and create a magnetic message that feels good to you AND attracts the right people who are ready to work with you.
  • Aligned Branding: Your brand is your first impression. Learn how to brand yourself online to attract an aligned audience and stand out among the crowds. 
  • Pricing with Confidence: Learn how to price your products so you never show up doubting yourself again.
  • Expand Your Influence: Building an online community and relationships that can help you expand your impact.
  • Turn your Followers into Clients: How to engage with your community and warm up your cold audience.
  • Aligned Sales: how to sell authentically (in a way that feels good to show up for).
  • Beyond Social Media: Learn to grow your business beyond social media so you don't have to be a slave to the algorithm.
  • Systems that Sell: While you eat, sleep and poop (and obviously enjoy your life).
  • Be an Industry Leader: Learn to position yourself as a leader in your industry and go from hearing crickets to killin it online.
  • Mastering your Mindset: Learn Lauren’s 6-step Mindset Model that will help you to shift any disempowering belief into a new empowering story.
  • Balancing your Yin and Yang: Learn to balance the masculine ‘structure’ and feminine ‘flow’ to create the perfect dynamic for cash flow.

Christina DiStefano

Lauren is the real deal!

"Honestly, I think of doing this all the time, but for someone that talks a lot, I felt challenged to put this testimonial together. I suppose it's because Lauren is such an incredible coach and I wanted to write something that would do justice to her work--without sounding cheesy or too much like fluff--but seriously, Lauren Ashley is the coach and mentor you've been looking for.

One of the things I most enjoyed about working with Lauren was her ability to put me at ease. I never felt judged by her as we were working through my (limiting) belief systems, and I never felt that Lauren thought she knew better than me either. Our working together felt more collaborative and at a peer level, rather than just a coach and a client.

Lauren is wise and knowledgeable yet is adept at helping guide me towards my answers (and not hers). If I needed advice, she was there to help me pull out the intuitive answers from within. She has the ability to ask powerful questions that just sort of wake me up from believing things must be one way or the other, but rather, an opportunity to tap into my own limitless possibilities.

I can't say this about all coaches I've experienced in the past; however, Lauren is the real deal. She's amazing! Thank you, Lauren!"

Artist & Host of Mindset to Manifestation Podcast / @xochristinadistefano

Too many business programs are all strategy and no flow.

They don’t teach you how to access YOUR inner power and answers… And end up leaving clients with businesses they never wanted to build in the first place.

Too many Mindset and Manifestation programs are all energy work.

They don’t know how to help you anchor what you’re learning into reality… So you end up with a lot of knowledge and no physical evidence of your expansion and growth.

The Aligned & Magnetic Business


is the best of all worlds.

Mindset. Manifestation. Intuitive Business Strategy.

Ashley Do Nascimento

I walked away from my MLM business which was no longer serving me and I also said no to two huge $$ opportunities because they were not aligned... This is huge for me!

“Over the past 3 months I’ve come to realize that I’m capable of change and that I do not desire to recreate myself but instead live out my life in alignment with the person I was meant to be when I came into this world.

The understanding of my human design coupled with learning about masculine and feminine energy has allowed me to go back to a state of being that was lost long ago. What holds me back from being, embodying and spreading love is myself, but only because of the way that I have been conditioned by society and my upbringing.

I’m ready to let go of needing to be in the masculine 24/7 (x a million) and step into flow, aligned action. I’m ready to connect further with myself, be grounded and explore more about who I am.

I’m ready to level up and bring this alignment into my business so I can show others what is possible for them - that life doesn’t have to be hard. We should never force anything, we can trust in something greater than ourselves and it’s okay to just BE.

I walked away from my MLM business which was no longer serving me and I also said no to two huge $$ opportunities because they were not aligned... This is huge for me!”

Personal Growth/Alignment Coach / @ashleyd_coaching

Meet your Coach & Business Mentor!

Hi hi love!

I’m Lauren Ashley! An Aligned Business Coach (ICF Certified, ACC), Money Mindset and Manifestation QUEEN.

If there is one thing I'm really good at (and have been told several times by my clients), it's helping entrepreneurs make more money in a way that feels good to them.

I've been in the marketing industry for over 9 years and a full-time entrepreneur for over 4 years. I KNOW what it takes to build an authentic brand that makes real cash money (like the kind you can travel and support yourself with).

But I didn't start out successful...


In 2018, I quit my well-paying 9-5 job and moved to Mexico with no plan other than to build my dream online business that gave me the freedom to travel.

At first, I followed all of the advice and did everything I was supposed to do to build my business with little results to show for it.

It wasn’t until I threw strategy in the trash and followed my own flow that I actually saw real results, booked out my programshit 13k+ months and replaced my 9-5 income.

I went from earning $1,000/month to making $5-$8k/month!

Since then, I've been helping my clients become more visible on social media using strategies that align to them and feel authentic AF so they can make more money in their business.

I am SO excited to share what I know with you in the Magnetize More Money in Your Business Masterclass!

You've got Questions?

We've got answers!

I don’t like big groups - is this the right space for me?

I designed this program to support people who prefer more intimate spaces. The max number of people on your group coaching calls is 10. I’ve designed it this way to make sure everyone has the space to be heard and get the support that they need. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a call with 50-100 people and not getting your questions answered (been there).

How will I be supported in this program?

When you join the Aligned & Magnetic Business Accelerator, you get access to:

  • 12 months of business & mindset coaching.
  • 2 monthly group coaching calls with Lauren where we’ll work on your mindset, energy and business strategy to keep you on track to reaching your biz goals.
  • Monthly Money Sessions to stay accountable to your finances, make money talk a norm and learn how to open to receive more money in your business!
  • A private community where you can get feedback on your work.
  • 12 training modules to support you in growing the business of your dreams.

Is the Aligned & Magnetic right for me?

If you’re new to the business world and have no idea wtf you’re doing, OR you’ve been here for a while but still struggling to see results… This is the PERFECT place for you. It’s my mission to help you get your business off the ground so you can make money.

How long is the commitment?

I ask that you commit to the full 12-months. It takes time to grow a business that’s sustainable and I want to help you set the right foundations. Unfortunately, that can’t be accomplished in 3, 6 or even 9 months.

Are there any refunds?

I am all about being fair and square but you’ve got to do your part. Business takes time and effort. Refunds will be considered on a case to case basis for unforeseen or extenuating circumstances, only to those who can demonstrate their commitment to the space. Our first step is to try to support you and find a solution that works for everyone, always. You made this investment in your business and it’s my responsibility to help you stay accountable to it.

I think this would be the perfect space for me but I want to be sure before I decide to jump! Where can I get my questions answered?

I totally respect your decision making process and want to make sure you feel good about joining this space before committing. Send me a DM on Instagram or book a commitment free connection call and I’d be happy to support you! You’re not alone in this and I only want you to join if you're a HELL YES!

Still have questions or want to be sure before saying YES?

Book a commitment free call with me and I'd be happy to answer your questions and help you make an aligned decision!

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*Results depicted are my own and are a result of the work I put in. This program is not a guarantee to make more money.