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Top 4 lessons dealing with entrepreneur mindset funk moments

How to deal with entrepreneur mindset funks…

I’m just coming out of my “everything sucks, I have no energy, my life is a failure, I need to take forever off” entrepreneur mindset funk moment that seems to happen every year and I wanted to share some takeaways that I think will help you.

Before we dive in, I want you to know that if you ever go through times where you just feel like you can’t even… You’re not alone.

If this blog helps you in any way, I’d love to hear. It’s helpful for me to know what’s landing with you and always fills my heart with so much joy to know that my time and effort is creating an impact! Please consider leaving a comment letting me know how this helped you.


Every summer since I moved to Mexico in 2018 and started really learning about myself/deconditioning, I found myself really struggling mentally and energetically. I just didn’t have the same drive and desire to work, let alone believe in myself.

Last year a coach and astrologer pointed out a pattern in my astrological birth chart that helped me understand that it’s actually kinda normal that my energy dips in the summer.

So instead of putting pressure on myself to keep all the plates spinning (especially because I’m so productive the rest of the year), I really try to set the intention to expect less of myself and accept where I’m at.

For example, instead of expecting to get 5 things done today, getting 1-2 things done is a success.

I notice that it’s actually the resistance I create within myself to continue striving when I really need rest that creates a mental breakdown lol. Completely preventable by surrendering, going with the flow, honouring my needs and prioritizing.

And even though I KNOW this season comes annually… I STILL feel like my world is falling apart which brings me to my next lesson.


It’s one thing to know you need a break and to slow down… But it’s another to actually put it into practice.

When you’re an overachiever and have responsibilities (because #adulting) with a sprinkle of tendency to put massive pressure on yourself, it can feel difficult to remember to release the gas pedal and cruise in the easy lane.

And trust me… We can make things a whole lot easier on ourselves by CHOOSING ease… But most of us are conditioned to keep pushing and make it happen, PLUS as an overthinker… It just does not end well lol. #spiraling

Having a solid support system who accepts you for you, reminds you of your power and holds space for you reaching your goals with ease is key to your success.

That’s why I created the Aligned & Magnetic Business Accelerator.


Easier said than done, of course. But from experience and working with several clients… Pressure (although seemingly motivating) actually stops creativity, problem solving, and accessing our intuition.

Something that’s helped me remove pressure is looking at all the things I have to do and asking myself, okay what’s REALLY necessary/important? We tend to make things so much bigger in our head than it really is.

Learning to take an objective perspective and detach from the feeling of overwhelm is key to moving forward with more ease and grace.


I know how easy it can feel to believe shit is not working and “idk why I’m even doing this”… and what I know to be true is that everything is always unfolding perfectly.

What you feel today is not how you’ll feel in 2 months from now. You WILL get your groove back. You WILL do and be better. You WILL get everything you’ve ever wanted… Give the results time to come to you and start showing up like the boss and leader that gets exactly what she wants.

Remember that there’s a difference between logically knowing what you need to do and what is ‘true’ and having the space to process through your shit and be held accountable to the vision you’re here to create.

If you’re ready to step into the leader who shows up for what she wants instead of letting life determine what she gets, click here to book a complimentary 30-minute coaching and connection call with me. I’d love to find a way to support you! I have many offerings and I’m sure we’ll find the perfect one that fits your needs.


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