August 16


38. Coaching Series: 5 Powerful Tools to Uplevel Your Coaching Skills TODAY for Better Results

Ever feel like your clients aren’t getting the results you KNOW in your heart they’re capable of?

Ready to learn new tools to empower yourself AND your clients in a bigger way so you can help them reach their next-level?

In this episode, Ashley and Lauren are sharing their top 5 coaching tools with you that you can start implementing right away (with practice) to transform your coaching conversations.

Get ready to hear about:

  • Why sharing your expertise and experience might actually be stifling client progress
  • What coaches often miss when holding space for their clients
  • How to provide feedback and offer expertise using a coach approach
  • Common ‘mistakes’ we see in newer coaches and how to shift them
  • Why having an agenda for your clients is not it and what to do instead
  • How to let go of the outcome but maintain a process to help your client get what they want
  • Our top 5 coaching tools that you can start using in your conversations to change the outcome for the better

Want to get a feel for what true coaching is? Lauren and Ashley are currently offering complimentary coaching calls so you can try it on and see if coaching is a good fit for you!

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