May 17


29. How to be a confident leader in your industry (even if you’re not confident yet)

How to get Coaching Clients: Client Attractor Series Part 3

Ever hear that in order to be successful and attract paying clients, you need to show up as an authority figure? But what if you’re not confident yet?

Tune into this episode to learn how you can create confidence as a leader in your industry EVEN if you’re not confident yet!

This episode is part of a 5 day series called Client Attractor, a series where you’ll learn how to attract soulmate clients, sell with more ease and confidence so that you can hear more yeses and less not right nows. I’ll be sharing my three part framework that I use with my clients to help them to consistently crush their income goals.

Ready to get coaching clients with confidence?

Get ready to hear about:

  • What I would focus on if I were starting my business from scratch
  • How to deal with the fear of rejection or judgement
  • How to let go of the pressure to be someone you’re not (so you can be your authentic self)
  • Letting go of needing to have all the answers so you can remove the resistance to being a leader and showing up
  • How to focus on your truth and sharing that (versus comparing yourself to everyone else and trying to keep up)

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