March 29


22. Boss-like Boundaries: What Sending my Dog to Rehab Taught me About Manifestation

Using Boundaries to Manifest

Does life or business ever feel like a rollercoaster, leaving you wonder how you can get the fluck off? Want to finally figure out how you can create more stable and consistent results in your business?

It all starts from within you.

In this episode, our furry friends take center stage as Lauren shares her journey of bringing her pup back from doggy rehab. You won’t believe the lessons she re-learned about energy, behavior and manifestation along the way!

Learn how to find your zen and create a sense of calm in yourself FIRST so that you can see changes on the outside. Lauren emphasizes the importance of embodying the frequency of calmness, and how it can positively impact your relationships and business ventures. She also dishes out some great advice on setting boundaries (like a boss) and stabilizing your emotions – both in your personal and professional life.

Walk away with practical lessons you can implement in your life and business to start shifting your results.

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