March 8


20. Master your Mindset and Get More of What You Desire with my 6-part Model

Learn how to master your mindset with my 6-step mindset model in episode 20 of the Aligned & Magnetic Podcast!

In this episode, Lauren shares her effective 6-step Mindset Model that she uses herself and teaches to her clients to master their mindset and shift limiting beliefs or behaviours.

Everything we receive in life is a reflection of our beliefs and attitudes. Lauren’s 6-step Mindset Model will help you to identify and accept your feelings, as well as uncover the patterns and beliefs that shape your thinking.

You’ll learn how you can reframe your thinking and adopt a new perspective, which can help you to create a new mindset and belief system that will support you in accomplishing your goals. Lauren will also share how you can take aligned action based on your new beliefs, which will help you to embody the reality you desire.

By following this 6-step model, you can gain deeper insights into your point of attraction (or thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors) and develop a positive and empowering mindset that can help you achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life.

Walk away from this episode with inspiration to create a new empowering story and shift out of old patterns that no longer serve you so you can create your dream life and business.

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