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18. How to Manifest More Clients

How Manifestation in Business REALLY Works (and how to manifest more clients out of nowhere)

Starting a business is not easy, and many entrepreneurs struggle to get clients (let alone manifest them out of nowhere), leading to confusion and frustration. Manifestation is more than just mindset and energy work. If you want to learn how to manifest more clients, you’ve got to be willing to learn how to take aligned action. In this blog post, we’ll be talking about how manifestation in business really works and how you can manifest clients out of nowhere by aligning your thoughts, actions, and energy with your goals.

The Power of Manifestation

Manifestation is the process of bringing something into reality through positive thinking and belief. It involves focusing on a desire or goal and truly believing it can be achieved. This can be done through visualization, affirmations, and taking action towards our goals. The idea is that our thoughts and beliefs have a powerful impact on our reality, and by aligning them with what we want to manifest, we can bring it into our lives.

However, manifestation is not just about positive thinking and belief. It requires a combination of positive thinking, belief in yourself and your vision, shifting old patterns and taking action towards your goals. Many newer entrepreneurs (and entrepreneurs who might be experiencing a pivot or feeling lost in their biz) miss the key element of taking action towards their goals, leading to frustration and confusion when they don’t see results.

Alignment, Magnetism, and Consistency

To manifest clients out of nowhere, we need to focus on our alignment, our magnetism, and creating consistency. Alignment involves creating aligned offers, learning how to be yourself online as well as aligning your mindset with where you want to be (and letting go of the beliefs holding you back). You need to be in alignment with yourself and with the Universe to call in what we desire. You can do this by connecting to your intuition and following your calling (vs. doing what you think you’re supposed to do).

Magnetism involves showing up as the version of you who already has what you want. You believe so much in your vision that you know it’s yours and you take action accordingly. To manifest more clients, you need to show up as a leader in your business, create aligned offers, and be consistent online in a way that feels good for you. Consistency is key to creating profitability over time, but it’s important to show up in a balanced way to avoid burnout.

Taking consistent action is going to look different for every entrepreneur. The most important thing is that your audience knows where to find you/expect you to show up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

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The Power of Energetics

While taking physical actions towards your goals is important, the power of energetics cannot be overlooked. Our beliefs and patterns under every action we take and every word we say. What we believe to be true at a subconscious level affects our energy and our ability to manifest clients out of nowhere. Some things you can do to work on your energetics are: practice letting go of control, develop confidence, worthiness, boundaries and trusting the process.

Studies have shown that visualization in the mind is just as powerful as physical practice. By visualizing your results and your soulmate clients coming to you, you can supercharge the actions you take and practice trusting that what you desire is already yours. Trusting the process and having faith that the actions you take in your business will lead to results is KEY.

Final thoughts:

It’s possible to manifest more clients (and for them to come out of nowhere). If you’re not manifesting clients out of nowhere yet, have a look at the actions you’re taking, the beliefs you hold and whether you feel pressured or relaxed. All of these elements combined will help you manifest more clients

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