February 1


15. Why my Latest Launch Flopped and How to Shift your Mindset to Make Your Launch a Success

Anyone who’s launched a program before knows how much mindset work is involved with really putting yourself out there and showing up for your goals. And if you’re new to launches and online business then you’re in for a treat!

Lauren recorded this episode mid-launch to give you a behind-the-scenes view of what it’s really like to launch a program and the mindset shifts that are necessary to make when things aren’t going the way you wanted.

In this episode, Lauren gets vulnerable and walks you through her flopped launch, tells you exactly what happened and what you can do differently to make YOUR launch a success. She shares how to overcome your limiting beliefs, show up as the version of you who already has what she wants and the importance of continuing to move forward even when it looks like things aren’t going the way you want.

Walk away with inspiration, mindset shifts and lessons that you can incorporate into your launch strategy.

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