January 4


11. 5 Steps to Creating a Rock Solid Vision & Making More Money in 2023

Ready to play a bigger game in 2023? You know it’s not enough to just have the intention. You need to create a rock solid vision and game plan that feels aligned to who you are.

There’s SO much information out there around goal setting, vision boarding and business building that is delivered to you as a “one-size-fits-all”.

Should you set SMART goals? Or just set intentions? Should you plan out your entire year? Or go quarter by quarter? Do you do a vision board? Plan every detail of every step you’re going to take? It all can honestly just feel a little overwhelming.

In this episode, Lauren breaks down the 5 steps you really need to create a rock solid vision for your business and make more money this year. Walk away knowing how to play a bigger game when creating your big vision, with a basic understanding of Human Design, the different between specific and non-specific manifestation, awareness around the fears and limitations that might creep in to stop you, the importance of tapping into your intuition, and when to get support to help you reach your next level.

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