December 21


9. Why You’re Not Attracting Your Soulmate Clients and How You Actually CAN

Ever hear about attracting soulmate clients but wonder where tf yours are at? In this episode, you’ll learn why you’re not attracting your soulmate clients and how you actually CAN. That’s right – it’s not a myth. Believe it or not, your soulmate clients ARE out there!

Lauren share’s about the beginning stages of her business journey and where most new entrepreneurs go wrong when creating content. She covers the 4 different elements you NEED to have balanced in your business, the top 5 things entrepreneurs are doing wrong and 5 things you can do to attract YOUR soulmate clients with more ease.

Walk away with an understanding of what’s missing in your business and 5 easy-to-implement ideas to help you attract more soulmate clients in 2023.

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