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8. From $1k-2k to $4k-8k Months – the Mindset Shifts you Need to Level Up

From $1k-2k to $4k-8k Months – the Mindset Shifts you Need to Level Up

A lot of people say they want to make more money in their business. Whether you’re at $0, $1,000, $2,000, or anything in between, in today’s blog I’ll share with you the mindset it really takes to reach $4k-8k months, or even $10k+ months.

First off, I am excited to announce that the Aligned & Magnetic podcast ranked 91 in the “Entrepreneurship” category for podcasts across Canada, WOO! I couldn’t have done it without all of my supporters, so, thank you to everyone who is reviewing, listening and sharing the Aligned & Magnetic podcast.

It was my intention to get the podcast ranked and it happened! And truthfully I didn’t think it would happen this early on. Everything you do as a supporter and listener counts!

This blog will focus on Mindset, but as with everything…Strategy is also a part of the story. When I went from $1,000 a month to a consistent $4k each month, it felt easy. Like the right next move. 

In episode 1 of my podcast, Aligned & Magnetic, I had mentioned that my ex husband had lost his job and suddenly the weight shifted on to me to provide for the both of us. In an unexpected change as great as this one, it could have been very easy to slip into a state of doubt and let my fears take over. Instead, I chose to embrace this situation as an opportunity to step into my leadership. I had a huge calling to step up and lead at that time. However, there were also a TON of negative mindset blockages crowding my thoughts: “What do I charge?”, “What if no one buys?”, “People are losing their jobs, how will they pay for this program?”,  “I don’t have a huge community, and I haven’t booked out my programs in the past. Why would I now?”. I had to lean into faith and connect with my intuition. 

My intuition told me what to charge – it wasn’t a numbers game. Guidance and knowing just dropped in one day as I was in the kitchen cooking and it made sense. Even the number of people I would accept into my program, which was 8, came intuitively and I ended up filling all of those spots. I don’t believe we have to have one specific moment where we think, Okay, it’s time to step up. – we get to choose. But, sometimes, if we’re too comfortable, the Universe will create a circumstance for you where it’s very clear that you need to make a move. And I believe that’s what happened to me at that moment.

Leading up to all of this, I had been preparing for $4k-6k cash months. I desired a $10k+ sales month as well.

I had been working on my money mindset for 2 years, and had also been working in my business for 2 years; growing my community, providing value, and practicing sales. I worked on releasing my mindset blockages around money and stepping into my worthiness as a leader and business owner. I had to decide to stop playing small – and when I say playing small, it felt like I had so much to share with people that I wasn’t sharing.

Listed below are 5 Money Mindset Shifts you Need to Level Up that I used to get me on the path of earning $4k-8k months.

1. Acceptance for where you are now. 

The first Money Mindset Shift I made was acceptance. I had to feel in my heart and soul that where I was at was okay. We would make due and there was more than enough to pay the bills and live our lives. Did I have momentary freak outs? Yes. But did I allow that energy to consume me and take action from a place of not having enough? No.

Instead of trying to force my goals into reality,  I relaxed into it and felt comfortable with where I was at. I took action knowing it would come at some point. Obviously I hoped it would come within the next few months, but I had to get behind the energy ofーI’m showing up as my next level whether or not my goal manifests right now. 

To help me show up as my next level, I put a ton of affirmations around my house that brought me back to my goal and desire. I think it’s easy to wake up everyday and settle for what you have and just keep moving at your regular speed. When you want to quantum leap, or even just reach your next level, you need to come back to what it is that you’re creating. What are you stepping into? Embody that every day.

2. What do you believe to be true about reaching your next level?

If you believe anything like: “Making $4k-8k months is hard”, “I’ll have to do more work. I’m already maxed.”, you will subconsciously reject higher cash months.

Ask yourself this question instead:

How can I make it easier to bring in $4k-8k months?

Personally, I don’t like working with a ton of clients 1:1. I like to provide an amazing, high level experience to a handful of people. Don’t get me wrong… I’m FULLY committed to all of my clients. But, I really love and am really great at facilitating groups. There’s also a lot of group energy in my human design and astrology charts. I am someone that brings people together.

So, instead of working harder to make more money (aka work with more 1:1 clients), I might bring several clients together into a group program where I can leverage my time via group calls but still create an intimate setting (and reach my income goals).

Helping my clients understand what THEIR unique energy says and what THEY bring to the table is something I do inside of my programs. Book a free connection call here if you’d like to learn more about how this can help you leverage your time and energy to make more money in your biz.

3. What does having more money mean to you? 

What are the positive and negative beliefs you have about reaching $4k-8k months? Remember that even if you WANT $4k-8k months but you have the belief that things will get harder or that something bad will happen (like you’ll lose it or will have to work even harder to maintain that new level) your subconscious mind will reject that desire and it won’t manifest.

4. Are you closed and focused or showing up in alignment and open to receiving? 

When I manifested my first $5k cash month and $13k sales month, I was open to money coming from anywhere. I was working on the side doing some marketing and business development for my moms coaching business while also working my business. I was putting in 40 hours a week or more. A lot of my clients struggle with seeing things very narrowly. And it’s SO easy to do. We get locked into this idea and energy that this is where my efforts are flowing, this MUST be where the reward will come. 

My fav client story about manifesting new levels in your biz: My friend and peer was trying to manifest a new client and reach $5k months. She thought this client had to come through on a payment plan, but, once we chatted about it, she realized that some people can pay in full. She manifested 1 or 2 new clients – one paid in full and she hit $8k that month. 

Even with my podcast; I’ve been focusing SO much on it over the last 2 months that my brain is wired to think, this is where my results will come from, when in reality, your results can come from anywhere when you are a match.

Open your eyes, open your mind, open to receiving all opportunities that the Universe has to offer you.

5. How are you showing up for your next level?

We can’t expect to see results from the gym after 1 workout…and you can’t expect to make consistent $4k-8k months after posting one time. Can it happen? SURE! But, consistent actions create consistent results. And consistent actions can literally mean anything for you; it doesn’t have to be hard. People are always listening and watching, you never know when your soulmate clients will come out of nowhere feeling ready to work with you (my clients and I experience this a lot). 

To reach $4k-8k months in your business, you need to show up with purpose and intention and share what you have to offer regularly if you want to sell (aka ask for the sale). If you’re only posting random trends, sharing tips, posting lifestyle content, or just scrolling on social media without sharing what you have to offer, don’t expect your soulmate client to buy from you. Put yourself into the shoes of your soulmate client. What do they need to know about you, or from you, in order to feel safe and comfortable buying?.

Keep showing up as if EVERYONE is watching and watch your reality shift.


Questions to Ask Yourself

Do you have options available to get paid from? Where are they and how easily accessible is it for someone to buy?

Are you thinking and being like the version of you who makes $4k-8k months?

What’s your client experience like? Are you giving value in bigger ways? Thinking bigger? Going bigger?

How are you BEing? How are you THINKing? How are you FEELing?

How are you speaking to your Universe? Are you leaning into guidance and taking guided action? Or are you just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks?

Are you being intentional? Are you coming back to your vision and your purpose every day?

Are you connecting with your source, your power, your purpose daily? And then are you taking the aligned actions?

Conclusion: making $4k-8k months

A lot of people in the mindset and spiritual world or industry focus a lot on the internal work; their energy and their personal growth. This is a HUGE element of the work required to uplevel (and is part of the Aligned pillory of my Aligned, Magnetic and Profitable business framework), but, what they’re missing is the external work. The strategy and how they are putting themselves out there and communicating to the world what they offer.

Putting yourself out there in a way that attracts aligned opportunities and clients is the MAGNETIC pillar of my Aligned, Magnetic and Profitable business framework that I take my clients through. It’s not about just feeling and thinking your way through to the next level but stepping into your leadership and power to BE the magnet and the lighthouse for your next level. If you want to create consistent income, you’re going to want to take consistent actions. It can happen with ease. It doesn’t need to be a big deal. When you’re posting with intention and purpose, crazy results can manifest.


Ready for support? I can help you make more money in your business with ease. Let’s book a connection call to see if we’re a good fit to work together!



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