December 9


5. Leaning into Faith to Reach Your Next Level in the Midst of Chaos

We officially launched the Aligned & Magnetic Podcast this week (7 episodes are now available for you to binge listen this weekend while you decorate, bake or flake for the holidays) and I have to say…

It’s been a lot of work.

It’s not hard work, but it’s a lot.

I’m proud of this work. And I’m honoured that I get to share my voice, opinions and experience with people who truly want to listen.

Afterall, we all just want to be heard, don’t we?

If I’m being honest with you, I question most episodes that I publish.

“Do people even care?” is a question that frequently comes up for me over and over in business… And I don’t think it’ll ever go away.

Learning to show up bigger and brighter by leaning into that voice instead of fearing or believing it has been key to building my business.

What do you do when life and business gets hard?

Do you:

a) Withdraw – get overwhelmed and decide to throw in the towel. No one will notice anyway right?

b) Push yourself harder – work more hours to get everything done but sacrifice your well-being and sanity as a result. It’s kinda like walking on eggshells around you sometimes, huh?

c) Lean into the discomfort, and move through it with grace knowing you’re fully supported.

Sometimes it can feel easier to give up and withdraw than to lean into the discomfort of the chaos that we create when reaching our next levels.

In this episode, Lauren reveals the truth about building a business and how to keep the faith when things get hard. She opens up about her journey with having faith in the Universe and how even though it hasn’t always been easy, it’s what has ultimately kept her going in business.

Walk away from this episode knowing what to do when your prayers aren’t being answered, why your bigger dreams aren’t coming to fruition and how to make space in your reality for them to come with ease and grace.

Learn how to Lean into Faith With Business Gets Hard by:

  • shifting your mindset to unblock yourself so you can open to receiving your desires
  • working with divine timing
  • continuing to move forward when it looks like things aren’t working
  • knowing what to do when business feels like a lot.

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