December 9


7. How to Flow with the Universe and Magnetize Aligned Opportunities with Carlene Pyziak

Feeling like you’ve been pushing and forcing to make your business dreams a reality with no results? Struggling to show up for what you need to do, or feeling like you need more knowledge before you can really be who you want to be in biz? Tune into this episode with Carlene, a Level 3 Reiki practitioner, Human design Reader, and co-host of in person guided healing events to learn how to stop forcing and start flowing with the Universe.

Carlene helps others align their life to manifest their future, through Human design, reiki and teaching manifestation principles. She shares with us the obstacles she had to overcome on her journey being an entrepreneur: from feeling afraid of what others will think of her to showing up online consistently as her authentic self and magnetizing aligned opportunities.

In this episode, learn how to Magnetize Aligned Opportunities…

We talk about how Carlene went from lacking confidence, and constantly looking outside of herself for answers, to putting herself out there, selling out her healing events, getting her first coaching client (with ease), and changing people’s lives with Human Design Readings.

Walk away from this conversation knowing what it feels like to be in and out of alignment, why you feel like you need to know more before really putting yourself out there and how to shift it, what you need to do to step into your magnetism and flow with the Universe and how to magnetize the right opportunities in your business with your Human Design.

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Carlene is a past client of Lauren’s. If you resonate with her story and are ready to overcome your biggest blocks in business so you can make 2023 your biggest year yet, book a free Connection Call with Lauren.

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