December 9


6. 5 Key Mindset Shifts When Building Relationships That Make Profit

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Tired of building surface level relationships, inviting strangers to an offer you don’t even know they’ll resonate with just to meet your monthly ‘quota’ or wasting time cold messaging when you know there’s a better way?

In order to make more money in your biz as a coach, healer, mentor or service provider, you need to build genuine relationships that actually turn into sales. But building genuine relationships requires the right mindset and energy that most business coaches and leaders are NOT teaching.

People can sense when you’re being fake, have a hidden agenda, or feel desperate to make a sale (EVEN if you have the best of intentions). To build authentic connections in your business that have impact AND magnetize more money to you, you need to embody these 5 key mindsets!

Now I know sales can feel super uncomfortable if you’re new to it or haven’t found a way to sell authentically yet. So in this episode we’re going to dive into the mindset piece you need to help you go from Sales Fiend to Sales Queen!

What helps me sell with more ease is providing value and coming from a place of service.

This is a core value that I work with in my business to activate the law of giving and receiving and open up to abundance coming my way.

In this episode, 5 Mindset Shifts to Make Profit, you’ll learn:

  • how being yourself is your most powerful tool in manifestation
  • how to step into your divine worthiness so you can receive
  • how you can work with one of the most important laws of the Universe to activate your abundance
  • how to let go of the outcome and lean into being fully supported by the Universe.

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