December 8


4. Let TF go: How You Can Open to Receive More Money by Detaching from the Outcome with Jenna Slaughter

Stressed TF out about reaching your goals this year? From aspiring physical therapist to heart-forward business coach, embodiment mentor, reiki practitioner, and host of The Unlearning Podcast, Jenna Slaughter joins us to talk about this KEY lesson when it comes to reaching your next levels in business. DETACHMENT.

Tune into this episode to learn how Jenna went from feeling miserable (no matter how much money they were making) to fulfilled as a Heart-Forward Business Coach, and the lessons they learned along the way.

In this Episode, Learn How to Make More Money by Detaching from the Outcome, we cover:

  • how Jenna tapped into divine guidance to build their business and fulfill their purpose
  • how they made the biggest, scariest investment of their career (and whether it was worth it)
  • and how focusing on serving the collective has helped them make more money in their business.

Walk away with lessons in detaching from the outcomes you desire to open up to receiving this or something better; leaning into your divine masculine and feminine energy; using your intuition as part of your strategy in business; the difference between holding the vision and taking action and how to overcome the ‘muck’ of entrepreneurship.

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