December 8


3. Don’t Fake it til You Make it – How to Make More Money by Being Yourself

Ever feel confined by traditional marketing strategies to grow your online business? Like what you’re doing or being taught to do makes logical sense… But you don’t love it. Or feel like you have to be someone you’re not in order for your audience to perceive you as worthy of investing in?

Ever wonder how you can make more money by being yourself?

You’ll walk away from this episode understanding why copying other people’s strategies isn’t working for you and having massive permission to make more money by being yourself and focus on doing what you love in your business…. WITHOUT faking it to the top.

In this episode, Don’t Fake it til You Make it – How to Make More Money by Being Yourself, you can expect to learn:

  • The foundations of NLP and how we form what we believe to be true about ourselves and the world around us
  • How to get out of your pattern of asking others for answers and looking within for your own best strategies
  • What makes a cookie cutter business, why they don’t work and how to step out of a cookie cutter model
  • The truth about reaching your next level in business and how to get there without faking it.

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Tired of forcing strategies that you’re so over? Feeling ready to make 2023 your biggest year in business yet by creating success YOUR way? It’s time to burn the old boys club book of marketing for good. From workshops, masterminds and retreats to 1:1 coaching, I would love to help you make more money doing what you love so you can have more time and financial freedom in your life to ENJOY.

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