November 24


2. How to Make Aligned Investments this Black Friday (and Increase ROI)


Wanna see a higher return from your business investments by knowing how to make aligned investments? This Black Friday you’re sure to see a TON of programs and services with slashed prices, enticing you to invest.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying because it’s on sale and making rash decisions… Only to end up keeping your new one-way tickets to success locked away in your email forever.

In this episode, How to Make Aligned Investments this Black Friday (and Increase ROI), I share:

  • 3 mistakes to avoid when investing this Black Friday
  • Secrets to getting the best ROI on your investments
  • How I made my latest investment decision after avoiding business coaches for 3 years
  • How to make ALIGNED business investments that will actually give you a run for your money
  • Human Design and the 6 authorities to help you make intuitive decisions!

Tune in to learn about how you can tap into your body and the 6 different inner authorities in human design and how to connect with yours to help guide your investment decisions!

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