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Welcome to my world!

 I'm Lauren Ashley...

Aligned Business Coach (ACC), Money Mindset & Manifestation Queen

My mission is to help you make more money in your business in a way that lights you the fluck up, and I'm good at it (ask my clients).

I've been helping brands create magnetic messaging and marketing for over 9 years, and humans make more money doing the sh*t they LOVE (by being their authentic selves) for over 4 years.

I've worked with clients from all over the map (from CEOs & COOs to multi 6-figure biz owners, brand new entrepreneurs & side hustlers to coaches, healers, intuitives and service providers), but the ONE thing they all have in common... By the end of our time together, they ALL end up making more money in a way that feels good to them.

Ready to elevate your magnetism and make more money YOUR way?

I help my clients create Aligned, Magnetic & Profitable businesses.


Get clear on who you are on the inside and what you truly desire. Create a Magnetic Mindset so you can show up for your next level and open the door to the opportunities you've been asking for.


Show up as the magnet you truly are, open up to receiving aligned opportunities, shine your brightest light and make bigger moves. Get ready to attract Soulmate Clients, sell out your heart-centred offers, and create sustainability.


Break your own glass ceiling and make making more money in your business easier (and more enjoyable) for you! Think about increasing ROI, delegating so you can do more of what you love and spend more time enjoying your life. 

What would you do with more free time?


What they're saying...

Sara Putney

Abundance Healer

I've been able to find clarity and feel a sense of calm in taking aligned action in my business. I've accomplished more than I EVER could've dreamed possible during such a short period of time. I went from not knowing what to do and receiving no income to consistently providing new offers/opportunities for myself and receiving for all of them. My business now has the most beautiful foundation and I know I can easily attract the abundance I desire through it.

Jenna Slaughter

Heart-Forward Business Coach

Since working with Lauren, I was able to manifest 7 ideal and aligned PAYING clients, the courage and audacity to tell my story even when it felt like no one was listening, a network of Queer friends that are in business and supporting one another and I’ve raised my rates.

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